Communicating the Old Anew

Jesus is God

The fourth module of the study explores the challenges of trying to grasp biblical ideas in the vast and varied landscape of Old Testament biblical genres. We recognize that the Bible as the word of God comes to us in a myriad of literary forms which frame its content in unique ways. The faithful communication of Godís word requires prior comprehension of the essential distinctions through which God chose to communicate his truth to His people.


New Testament

This seminar will provide the participant with the opportunity to study the preparation and delivery of biblical messages derived from texts of the Old Testament. The study will focus on establishing the points of continuity and discontinuity between the old and the new covenants. The course will also explore the distinctive nature of the dominant Hebrew literary genres with an emphasis on both the form and content informing contemporary communication. The session will also grapple with the Old Testament texts in relation to the revelation of Jesus Christ.