Center for Excellence in Christian Communication

In view of Godís grace and His faithfulness to us, we would like to take the next step in pursuit of our mission. In the next stage, we would like to create a Centre for Excellence in Christian Communication in Eastern Europe.

Poland has a natural affinity with its neighbors. The Slavic roots of the language make expansion East and South of Poland a natural progression. The shared culture and mindset frame a common foundation. There is the additional factor of Poland being centrally located, and easily accessible from most parts of Eastern Europe. Travel within Eastern Europe has become easier than ever, and Poland offers some of the best opportunities for facilitating a European program in biblical communication.

Our plan is to establish a centre where we prepare men and women from the participating countries to contextualize the program of the Biblical Preaching Society within their nations and language groups.

The idea is simple. We would like to invite teams of five to seven competent leaders from participating nations to commit to the preparation and creation of branches of the Biblical Preaching Society program among their own people. Each national team would be joined by a bilingual counterpart of two or three leaders from the West to aid in the creation of the national programs. In this sense, we would like to connect the best in what Christís church has to offer in the East with the best of biblical scholarship in the West. This mutual interdependence would provide a fertile ground for the renewal of both the Eastern and the Western church.

The program would require us to meet together three times a year for a period of two years to work together through the elements of the program. In the meantime, each team - encouraged by its bilingual Western counterparts - would create a program within its own country.

All the teaching at the Centre for Excellence in Christian Communication would be conducted in English. The instruction would be led by the International Educational Team.

We believe that the two year preparation period requiring the teams and teachers to forge deep relationships would be instrumental in capturing the essence of this venture. This period of time would also be sufficient for grasping the educational elements of the courses. This preparation window would also permit the national teams to work through the process of establishing an interdenominational foundation for their own programs in their own countries.

It is our conviction that working together as men and women of God committed to a singular vision of helping the people of God in our own countries to communicate Godís Word in their worlds would be life-transforming for all of us.