The mission of the Biblical Preaching Society focuses on the creation of national, native-speaking teams of biblical communicators who will be able to equip the people in their culture, to multiply biblical communicators in their communities

1. We believe that God transforms the world through individuals who dare to take him at his word.

It is our conviction that change begins with us. You and me. While we long for the world to change, and often wish for the church to change, change begins with us. Transformation in the world, and in the church, depends on my willingness for God to change me. The word of God is a living testimony to Godís transforming power through the lips, hands, and feet of men and women who chose to stake their lives on his word.

We focus on helping others to hear and speak for God because who we are is defined by the words we choose to embody. Communication with God is at the heart of our relationship with him. We are transformed to the extent to which his truth defines every part of our being. We do not simply teach people how to study the Bible or to speak for God. We invite people to become Godís living word in their worlds.

The transformation which God affects in us through his truth permeates our marriages, families and our church communities. We are seeking to rebuild Godís church across the globe on the foundation of Godís word alone.

Nothing that comes from God ever comes from us but it always comes through us. Transformation begins with us. You and me.

We would like you to consider joining us in this life-transforming venture.

2. We believe that disciple-making is meant to create teachers of teachers, not just perpetual students.

We are persuaded that a teacher is only as good as the teachers he or she multiplies. In a world of rampant individualism and personality cults, where celebrities and communication kings promote themselves, biblical communicators are called to create a movement instead of erecting a monument. Our program is designed to help Godís people to become teachers of teachers.

This means that our program is deeply relational. We believe that, much like Jesus who invited his disciples to share his life, education must be predicated on transparent and faithful relationships defined by unconditional love. We invite you to begin the relationship by joining us for the initial two-year commitment. We hope to extend this commitment into a lifetime of mutual support; deepening it by continuous education and widening it to include a growing community of Godís teachers around the world. We are in it together for eternity.

We would like you to consider becoming a part of this venture for the sake of Christ and his church - your community.

3. We believe that the best communication comes through native communicators in the language of the people.

We do not teach in translation. Instead, we teach in English and equip the native, bi-lingual participants to create programs that best communicate biblical truth in their language and culture. We do not create and maintain programs for others. We ask national teams to create their own programs based on our unified biblical foundation, offering it in their native tongue.

In the English language, Godís grace has afforded us an unprecedented opportunity to teach in a language understood in most parts of the world today. This great opportunity allows us to avoid spending half of the teaching time in translation. More importantly, it allows us to create communities of learning which transcend linguistic barriers. We can bring many national leaders together into a singular program to deepen our fundamental convictions and broaden our theological horizons. Above all, teaching in a common language prevents us from having to develop separate programs for the various native groups. Instead, we empower communicators to develop programs in their own language, through their own national teams.

This approach eradicates the detrimental practice of making the church dependent on English-speaking facilitators teaching in translation. Native teachers and preachers are far more effective in reaching their own cultures.

We would like you to consider developing a program that will speak uniquely to your own people in their own language.

4. We believe that biblical programs ought to be supported by the sacrificial giving of the participants.

Participation in the program must be self-funded by the national communities. This way we hope to help Godís people around the world take responsibility not only for communicating Godís truth in their communities but also for sustaining the work through the practice of lifelong sacrificial giving of those whose lives have been transformed by the hearing of Godís Word. In other words, we are seeking to wean the Christian world from an unhealthy dependence on Western funding.

We invite you to consider the cost of this endeavor; realizing that this project will require a sacrifice in time and resources and the need to rely on God to provide through His people.

5. We believe that all biblical ministries ought to help the church align its educational endeavors without competition or duplication.

The program of the Biblical Preaching Society is designed to assist Christís church nationally and globally in aligning all of its educational efforts to avoid duplication or competition. In our commitment to serve the church we are interdenominational in practice. We seek to cut through the denominational divisions by establishing a sound biblical foundation for all participants. We place ourselves under the umbrella of existing national and international evangelical alliances. We augment the work of national Bible schools and seminaries as well as the local church.

We seek to partner with other christian ventures to leverage our collective passion for Godís mission to reclaim the lost world for him.

We believe the uniqueness of our program comes from its bridging function. On the one hand, we strive to help the national Christian educational institutions establish a unified approach to preparing men and women for the communication of Godís word. This way continuous education can be offered on a common biblical platform. On the other hand, we reach men and women who desire to purse Christian education without having the necessary credentials to enter a Bible school or a seminary. In this sense we establish a personal foundation for future educational development that both equips and encourages Godís people to pursue a more extensive Christian education. The Biblical Preaching Society bridges the gap between the church and the seminary; the pulpit and the pew.

We would like you to explore the possibility of us working together for the sake of Godís kingdom.