The mission of the Biblical Preaching Society stems from the enduring biblical conviction that we depend with our lives on the word of the living God. Since Godís word is truth, the veracity of our lives hinges on our willingness to listen to God. This conviction permeates the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. The word of our God stands between life and death. Each passing generation has to face the inescapable choice whether we dare to take God at his word or default to the prevailing voices of our age. Christianity is always only one generation away from extinction. Bread can keep us alive but only Godís word can give us life, life to the fullest, life forever, life with God.

The urgency of our mission is amplified by a growing failure of Godís people to faithfully communicate biblical truth in their worlds. On the one side, our communication tends to say what God has not said. In our desire to attract people at all cost, what we communicate begins with public opinion polls and then proceeds to echo popular preferences from the pulpit in the name of God. This kind of speech tells people only what they like to hear. On the other side, our proclamation does not say what God has said. In our quest not to alienate our listeners, we refuse to say things which might prove offensive to our sensitivities. We are reluctant to speak about some of the essential aspects of our relationship with God, like sin, repentance, or judgment. This sort of communication avoids telling people what they do not like to hear. It is our contention that both sides of our communication disorder are energized by the same malignant cause, namely, our failure to take God at his word.

We believe that the only way out of this crisis is to take God at his word. Unless we open our ears to listen to what God has spoken to us through his word, we can never know God. Unless we open our lips to declare Godís truth, the world will die for a lack of a life-giving word. Unless flesh becomes word, the Word became flesh in vain. It is our time to hear from God. It is our time to speak for God. It is time for Christís church to live by every word that comes from the mouth of our God. We take this to be the greatest need of the church in the world, today.