Our Program - Overview


Biblical Preaching Society seeks to develop its vision through a comprehensive life-transforming program. The program consists of a set of modular courses which serve the purpose of broadening and deepening the biblical communicatorsí character, commitments and competencies for living and communicating Godís truth. The program can be customized to fit any social, cultural and economic context in the world today. The modular seminars are offered three times a year on designated weekends, from Thursday through Sunday, for a period of two years. The format makes the program accessible to bi-vocational participants as well as people involved in a full time ministry. The modules can be reconfigured to fit into other patterns which best fit the context of a local community. While the modules of the program provide the necessary biblical content, the form of the program is moldable to the needs of any Christian community. The critical conviction of the program is that God changes us through faithful and accountable relationships predicated on our relentless commitment to pursue Godís truth in every part of our lives. For this reason, participation in the program requires a commitment to a cohort of other participants for the duration of the program. The times spent together as a cohort are augmented by mentored work in small groups in-between the modules of the program. The core modules of the program cover the homiletic spectrum in six interrelated stages:

Theology of Telosformation

Minding the Text for the Message

Shaping the Message for the Listener

Communicating the Old Anew

Speaking Truth in Love

Andragogy of Homiletics