The Canadian Team

The Biblical Preaching Society has its headquarters on Vancouver Island, in Canada. The people who shape the vision of the society come from all walks of life. We are united by our passion for God and his word.

The people listed below give oversight to the overall mission of BPS:

Graeme Bartle

Lech Bekesza

Gary Bennett

Jameson Lockhart

Harvey Roosma

Phil Siemens

The Polish Team

The Biblical Preaching Society in Poland functions under the title of Akademia Homiletyczna (Academy of Homiletics). The work in Poland is led by a vibrant team of pastors and church leaders.

The team consists of the following people:

Agnieszka Crozier

Lech Klodzinski

Mirek Marczak

Dawid Pacyniak

Rafal Piekarski

Jerzy Sikora

Adam Szumorek